Love, Mom and Dad

Generative art made with p5js, 2023

In this piece, I explore the complex dynamics surrounding my career aspirations in both computer science and art. The algorithmically generated compositions feature an intriguing fusion of vibrant blocks of color and carefully selected text messages sent from my parents while I was away at school. These messages reveal their abundant love, encouragement, and unwavering support for my pursuits in the world of computer science.

'Love, Mom and Dad' invites viewers to ponder the complex nature of support and aspiration, encouraging contemplation on the divergent paths we navigate in pursuit of our passions. It provokes introspection on the ways in which our loved ones' support, or lack thereof, shapes our journeys in different fields. This artwork is a tribute to the profound impact of parental support, shedding light on the intricate dance between passion, dreams, and the delicate balance of expectations. Through this deeply personal narrative, I hope to spark dialogue and empathy, celebrating the multifaceted nature of our aspirations and the power of understanding in nurturing our creative pursuits.