Insula Solaria Fructuum Furniture Familia


Indesign, ChatGPT, Midjourney, 2023.

"Insula Solaria Fructuum Furniture Familia" explores the possibilities with AI-generated imagery and text and the fusion of midcentury modern furniture and fruit. Fruits embody a transitory existence—a fleeting moment of ripeness before succumbing to the passage of time. In contrast, the furniture designs showcased in "Insula Solaria Fructuum Furniture Familia" exude an enduring and timeless quality. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Bauhaus movement, these mid-century modern creations embody a sense of permanence. Taking place on the fictional tropical island Solaria, this book not only serves as a playful fantasy of what the future of furniture may look, like but also showcases the endless possibilities that arise when human ingenuity collaborates with new technology.

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