Hi, I'm Suanna!


I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Pittsburgh, PA studying Computer Science and Art in the BXA program with a minor in Animation and Special Effects at Carnegie Mellon University.

I believe that similar to identity, artistic practice is never static; my work is multidimensional, always evolving, and aims to capture the intersections of contemporary art and rapidly-changing technology. Some materials I work with combine CS and art such as animation, 3D rendering, and code, and some do not at all, such as photography, painting, and filmmaking.

A lot of my work tells stories of my experiences growing up queer in an Asian household, and what my identity means in relation to pre-existing societal structures. I enjoy making work about my family as I find it interesting to compare and contrast how our struggles have changed over a generation, and what events have shaped our values. I also explore how queerness is more than someone's identity, it can be an ideology for an individual to live their life by.

In my free time, I love listening to music, knitting, and trying new cooking recipes.


Photo by Katya Tsikina